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Top Rated Jokes
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Rating # Votes Joke
8.77267A Groom's Tale
8.7377One Smart Mom
8.7010Giving a Pill
8.5833Cheeky Kid
8.55288The New Priest
8.53140On A Flight
8.4692How To Treat A Rude Customer
8.44525The piss test
8.4157The Cop and the Kid
8.40226The Gloves Joke
8.3952Electric Train
8.37155Top Ten Reasons it Sucks to be A Penis
8.3719Amazing Letter Tricks
8.3611Labor Pains
8.3624Dog and Cat Diaries
8.34448Voodoo Penis
8.336Rude Customer
8.3147Court Talk
8.29248She was so blonde...
8.297Redneck Mirror
8.2863The Blonde Painter
8.2725The Power of the Human Mind
8.2512The Love Dress
8.258Barbecue Season
8.20439The Goodnight Kiss
8.1818Two Cows
8.16107The Old Spinnster
8.1321Blonde Convention
8.0812Hot Air Balloon
8.0825Annoy Your Public Bathroom Stallmate
8.0741Blonde Jigsaw Puzzle
8.0714Job Application
8.0530Microsoft and GM
8.0521The Pastor's Ass
7.9733Girls' Night Out
7.9520The Drunk And The Cop
7.9328A Flaky Blonde
7.9314The Pearly Gates
7.9154The Princess
7.91166Ladies Rooms
7.90291A Dog Named Sex
7.9032That Little Bastard
7.9047What Mothers Talk About
7.9055Email Mistake
7.9023Hard To Please
7.9018Note to Wife
7.8834Dammit Skippy!
7.8827Deciphering Men's Speech Patterns
7.8817Nursing Home
7.8728The Spoon
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